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segunda-feira, 27 de novembro de 2017

Military Parades: Portugal - Part Two

Portuguese Marines, Comandos, Paratroopers and special forces (like UPF from Portuguese air Force or Rangers from the Army) are known by their efficiency in battle and peace missions but also by the piece of art that they do in military parades. Of course the main gear and vehicles are important,  speacially in a situation were the forces are seen by the public, but also the songs and motto are impressive for the population who see them march. Let's take a breve look:

700 years of Portuguese Navy

Army day, Elvas




Marine Day

BRR, Rangers, Commandos and Paratroopers

Military Academy 

Naval School

Military School

Marines on March

Portuguese Paratroops (second BIAT)

Special Troops (songs on parade)

Air Force 56º birthday

Air Force, Navy and Army on parade

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