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sábado, 30 de dezembro de 2017

A day at NRP Creoula

NRP Sagres II is the most recognized ship of the Portuguese Navy, but i saw him live only once (talking about interior). Most of the times too late and the ship already in the sea. NRP Creoula was not made as a training ship (today, but has a fisherman brigue in the North Sea, and after some owners was recovered by the nacional navy, to give first sea impression to young people.  After years of abandon at Alfeite Naval Base in Cacilhas, Almada (all think that the end was near, in scrap or sold to another country like Sagres I) . It is a great ship and a history mark to all portuguese in one of the ancient activities, fishing. When was in Setúbal, i went to see her (and also the caravelle replica near by), and in this page are some photos of the visit and one or another were taking from Sagres, but that's a subjet for another article (all pictures by Miguel Ferreira).

At the port of Setúbal in a cloudy day. I think we had some rain, but the visit was normal and very interesting from the ludic and historic view, and i'm not talking only about the ship, because if you can see in the top righ there's a XVI century fort by Filipe II of Spain (first in Portugal), besides all the great vew.

A plate with details from the ship construction and service with portuguese navy. Most of is history was in North Sea fishing the coldfish (in portuguese "Bacalhau"). Other great ships like Sagres I and Cutty Sark were sold to German and Ingland, but this one was put in fine conditions by the portuguese navy (who made 700 years this year).

Light´s and an old anchor, a perfect wedding between the old out of service and new with a job to make. As we can see the brige is in great condition, preserved and there's no sign of the times in the ship. The Portuguese flag is at the bottom, and is a proud for any sailor or cadet who travell or learn is this living legend.

A general view from bottom to top. Two semi-rigid on the starbord and the name of the brige in the sail protection, with a satellite plate at the top between the first and second mast. Always important for who spend lots of time at the sea is to have intertainement and contact with the native country and people, with tv or internet.

Mast at mid ship. Comunication system and the chimney used only when the auxiliar motor is running. An ancient ship but it all modern security and navegation items, important to give to man and women from the crew all the conditions to make navigation save and easy to sailors and officers, traveling miles and miles in the deep sea.

The wheel of the rudeer in wood with a great shape and was we can see a fine piece of art. The interior is protected by the coverture with cane and timber rectalgular pieces, screw with iron or steel resistant material. Also theres a little door that gives acess to wheel mechanism without remove the massive coverture.

More at detail the exelent piece of art that is the wheel of "Crioula". Besides being a sail "brigue barca" there´s an auxiliar engine for use in special situations, like manouvers or when there´s no wind. Being a ship with sails, the principal function is to give to cadets the experiênce of a aincient travel with old practices. 

The mechanism that gives the information to engine room. At the bottom the treated wood that present some weather conditions sign of the times. Ropes and pulleyes always present in a ship with almost one century of construction. Not so recognized like Sagres II, Crioula is also a symbol of the portuguese navy and country in foreign ports.

Creoula from Sagres. Most of the times the two ships are together when they vist in Setúbal, with 1  other unit from portuguese navy and private operators (we cant see in the right corner of photo one patrol boat giving to the public a first experiênce with the navy in sea or river). Being an important cargo and fishing Port always have some celebration relationated with the sea.  

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