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sexta-feira, 21 de abril de 2017

Russian Military parades

USSR had great military parades in the Red Square, after WWII, were is power was shown to the World in more than two hours of air and land demonstration, and were other nations now what soviet military had in service and were working on. But after the end of Soviet Union, parades were rare and in short version, with Boris Yaltzin reducing armed forces to a minimal duty and with war in several ex provincies of URSS and also in Chechenia, there was no time to celebrations. After 1995, with some new investment in armed forces, slowly, the parades return to Moscow, with VD, OR and all staff being again remembered. Not like the Soviet times, but wih Putin and Medvedev they still are great and show what new have the Russian Armed Forces. To see.

2017 VP






The last Soviet Union parade was in 1991 with May Day Parade.