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terça-feira, 8 de novembro de 2016

A Kubel from Academy at 1/72

What a like most in modeling is freedom. Today i make models when i want and with no pressure from anything. It is me and the models. Probably in the future the only site were i will keep my models on display will be this (and my home of course). Because it's me and my models, were there's no crapp, no shit stuff or things that i don´t like and i don't agree in a thing that is only for me a hobby (i make money for me and my family live reasonably, write and model are only for spent time). And i´m fine with this, and my readers are fine with this to, and the others have all the modeling world to their stuff and things. 20 000 views, how. Thanks to all. I promise that i will keep this bloog t'ill i can and the modeling it´s a bonus. Cheers.

Fig.1 - The Kubel from Academy. A very good model, with some extras. An Mg42 from esci,

Ok, but lets go to the model. I made this Kubel some years ago, and is part from a large diorama. But i had this idea of making a mecanic and some tools . So, i used a litle base to make this presentation. And was fine to me. I like the result but in the end the Kubel and the figures were back to the big scene.

      Fig.2 - The original diorama. After this presentation is back with the Kubel, the mecanic and a Golias. One day i will back to him, to do the camuflage net better and give more stuff to the grass area.  This is still the original.

The academy model is very good and easy to make (with have also the Jeep and a Katen). I used some things to give a more realistic motor and is open. The tools were make from Ever Green and theres a paper sheet near them. In the main gun, i also scratch the bullets and used tape to glue them so near one another. 

 Fig.3 - The mecanic figure and the tools. I used a Hasegawa  1/72 figure and all the tools are scracth from Ever Green.   

I used a figure from Hasegawa with the hands from Airfix 1/76 scale. It was easy to make and the stuff that the mecanic have is like i said from paper and cut to scale Ever Green. The scale diference it is not seen and the idea was cool to make.

Fig.4 - I think the result is very realistic. Of course it is a model with several years, and maybe today the stuff will be diferent. But i like it, and that it is all that maters.

The Hasegawa figure have in hand a tool make from Ever Green. The other figure is from Matchbox and was given me from another modeler. It is probably about 30 years and i now that he used Putty to make him diferent. Great one.

Fig.5 -  The front from the Kubel. The cable is plastic with some heat. It is good for the scale but today theres stuff from for example Roco, that is more realistc.

The paint job was a mix. I used Airbrush for the Kubel exterior with Tamya paints. For the interior i used enamel paits from Revel and Humbrol. I´m a fan from enamel paints and the stuff is big. But maybe in future with other paints that are today in the market, i will try them and use others more.

Fig. - 6- Great figure. I like use stuff by others. The stuff near the 1/76 Matchbox figure is from Roco 1/89.  

In conclusion, when i see another Kubel from Academy i will buy. Great one and with a sheet of fine decals. I liked very much and for who does make models in this scale it is a master piece. And for that academy box i only have the Jeep to make (all the boxes and accessories are gone to).

Fig. - 7 - The general idea. A good presentation to me and to personal staff. Nice pictures but is back to the original diorama