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terça-feira, 14 de março de 2017

The first french Nuclear Submarine: Le Redoutable

It was easy to build my first submarine. Was a time in "Nucleo de Modelismo de Setúbal" were everybody helped and in there the work were happy, with lots of fun, good laught and no stress. The  kit was from Heller who make excelent naval models and this one is not a exception, simple to build, with good instructions, nice pieces and a fine final art with the subs name. Great result in one of my best models.  

Build a submarine was a challenge because for me was first time. And scale 1/400 is very interesting, with a size good for started and win experiênce, for other ones in 1/700 or in a more small scale. A quick vew of the kit make me see that the rudders are movel, but all the rest is static with no missiles or laucher. For some time i think a little scracht for that matter, but with the advance of the kit was clear that was not a way for the fist one.

The assemble was a blast, with no problems. Even the putty was only used a few times because the pieces came together just fine with no stress. Ruders are mobile and all the rest is glue together whit the Revell one, except in the tower were i used super glue (small and fragile piecies). About one week and the model were all together, so was time to see if the junctions were fine using a "self made at home" pasta.

With all together and good, time  to choose the paint. I used a metallic old colour from humbrol, that gives a unique finish. An Aztec airbrush make the honours in two or tree times. Antenas and all the staff in top of the sail, was pain with a brush using silver and black enamel from revell. The base a fine piece of wood in black with letters board in gold. Again, easy, quick, and made from the box with a few pair of changes.

Now the task was made the submarine old. I used oils from pébéu, in a mix with black, brown and burn sienna. Dry pastel was then used to make a rust efect. Van Gogh was the one that i choose and with a master result. Love the finish model and was one of the best that i made in life. After that i bough at least four or five in a row. I made only Revell's Typhoon and was not soo good has this one. Or this one was a unique blast, the future will say it. Cheers.