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quarta-feira, 20 de setembro de 2017

Directly from... Scracht (the story of an 1/72 Aeroslad made 90% by me, PART 1)

This model was a chalenge because does't exist in the kit market. I don't work with resin so there's Evergren material and a strong need to make something diferent and only mine. I came across one interesting model from Finish, and it was great for the initial experiênce: A early Tervasmaa 8 persons transport motor Aerosled (or Aerosani). 
To do was easy, but the complications were more near the end, and even the base give some problems, so is an advancing, slow but at least is not stopped. Let´s go to the first part.

With some hours in the computer and books, the model choise was the easy, cause i see one to have a chance of make a good joob: The Tervasmaa Aeroslad (or Aerosan).

The first steep is taking the plastic (after the document reserch, of course), and make the shape of it using the hands. Figure at 1/72 make´s more easy to work in the scale, comparing the soldier with the Slad in progress.

Next i made the uper front part. With Revell stick i glue the pieces just fine and in about 30 seconds. If i had put some renforcement in the parts, probably was much more easy, but because it is closed i think was no nead. In a more advanced assemble this will be very important.

Rear part assemble. Again no problem with the cut and execution, what proves that is no nead of being a pro to do a self made model. Just some cut material, glue and some paciente to make the pieces came togheter and at same size.

First part of the box is finally closed. Now is time to make all angles right and perfect with the modelling tools. After that i will go to the missing part with more cut and glue, and finally the main struture is made.

So, back to renforcemente of the main structure. Let´s see how it is in a base and with a scale figure near. Cool, and next came the motor struture, with the bars self made and the motor and propeler that came from an old Airfix kit.

Next came the structure that make the security of the propeller to who goes in the fuselage. I made them from Tamiya spares from japonese 1/720 destroyer, and the result was just fine. But the more dificult part was to came next: the skis.

The piece was easy to make, but is connection to fuselage only with glue came with a great mistake: Any movement broke the small sky, and it was rare the day that i don't re-glue again. Next time probably i will make all in one piece, and with tiny wholes in fuselage, make a more secure montage.

After the exterior came the interior. Slad's were a mix between a car, tank and aeroplane so i made him exacly like them. Simple indicators and a control stick, with the peddals above. For fun i put a machine gun in center, but the original was desarmed.

Base was easy in the first part. But when i put the "snow" the nightmare biggins. Probably the mix between the kitchen material and the base, make the bad reactions. But no problem, with enamel white tte problems were solved.

First the paint and the adition of a Revell figure with modifications with Roco material make the first part end. Next move is re-paint interior and exterior, and make the motor coverture more real. But much more is to came.