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quarta-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2018

Directly from... Scracht (the story of an 1/72 Aeroslade made 90% by me, PART 2)

Last part of the Aeroslade (also call aerosan) from finish armed forces, made most of all from scracht using Evergreen and some spare material from Airfix (motor and propeler), Rocco (Gun, fire extintor and propeler protection), Revell (Troop), Academy and Hasegawa (Boxes and shelt). A fine experiênce after all and the proove that everybody can make a self made simple model with a good quality (at least for The history of this one is simple: a pure transportation device use by military since the 20's in north of Finland lakes, with an upgrade to Winter war and WWII war. Hope you like it (i have hundreads of photos from all the process, but is this publications i only use some of them).

With all the down under build and motor, propeler and structure on. Arfix, Hasegawa and Academy are present with little pieces. Heller and Fujimi were options but at the end i prefer another ones or i self made them.

The propeler protection in is sight. After that i used a Rocco piece that is better for the upgrade with a more modern efect. The interior was simple, but the next time i made a instument painel have to be in high relief.

Interior and machine gun support. In the outside there's a motor protection made from silver paper and the skis from evergreen. Then i use the same material to make a radio support and the antena (radio is from Rocco Hq).

Front view. The main problem was the support for the skies that broke constantly so in future constructions another way is need, probably with some tini holes or cinocrilato glue. Skis are also a fragile parts but theres not much to do in this case.

First colours and machine gun in place. Use enamel from Revell, but also some acrylic (Tamyia).The radio is in his box and in front is the ligh that was also a problem for is little piece. Than i use superglue and problem was resolve.

A preview in the base with a Revell troop modified with a sheld from Rocco. Base was made with white glue mixed with terracota (the wood base came from a Supermarket). After that i went to kitchen and made the ice and snow. I panted with Revell white paint.

The interior all done. We can see the conection between motor and guide system near the machine gun.The motor coverture was made after this first situation from light papper and painted with white paint (with that no oils, moust be dry pastel). All Revell enamel.

Near the end. Time to make the windscreen and the material for the interior, with the talked Hasegawa boxes and Roco jerrycands. Suástica is from polish shirt and the number in the lights coverture are hand made. 

With matterial. Miss the oils and more snow at the Aeroslade and also the oldie in the wood boxes but it is all done by 90%. Probably in future i will make another one from Russia or again Finish Armed Forces, since is not a common model.

Frontal view with windscreen that was a challenge. A piece from a modeling knive recipient, and with UHU glue was all done, with no problem. Transparent pieces from plastic were use without glue but were not acetable.

The final photos (yes, i need a new photo camera because this is from filming machine, but no A simple diorama with the Aeroslade preparation for the voyage, some material and the soldier cleanig the snow from the area near the machine.

Rear view with motor coverture and propeler protection. The acrylic paint is great with the oils, but in some parts i use dry pastel, some times with water beacause it is less agressive than  trebentine. Snow in the Aeroslade were made from chalk.

Were we cant see the interior, with machine gun, radio and amunition boxes. The soldier is busy with the snow sice the motor is minutes from running for another voyage to transport groceries to the armed forces.

Profile view. The Soviet and Finish Army used the Aerosan /Aeroslade in World War II for transport and patrol ducties, domestic and in the front. At least 10 types since the 20´s, civil and military utilization  that is materialezed in this fine pice of art. At least for me. Cheers.