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sábado, 8 de dezembro de 2018

Modelling in Paper: Or a fine art of making great things

I make especially models in plastic, but sometimes i make one or another one in paper, to brake the monotony of the traditional modeling. First a football one and them a baseball stadium to be diferent. At least more 2 football ones and 2 baseball. Yes, i have also a tank to do so that's right in this blog (man, that sounds difficult, so i don´t know when i will make it). And paper is different, so you go to net and prints what you want, exept some models you can't bring from some publications. I remember that my father made some great paper models from daily notebooks, and it is possible that modeling started with mills and stone houses. It´s more easy than plastic? I don´t think so, because i spend many time to disguised the bases and to hide de excess of glue (lol), and when i'm finally done the stadium i just think in gettig back for the plastic. Anyway, it is also an art, and if a stadium is not difficult (i've made two so far), a tank or a ship is, at least for me, it´s much more hard to do, and i have no ideia how some modellers make them so perfect, like it is real. Anyway, lets see the process and final work of my two diferent stadiums (the paper tank is

Fig.1 - A paper tank from "battle of the branches". Only the idea of making several parts give me the creaps.
Modeling in paper was never for me an area with good results, specially in school, but after the aquisition of 3 football stadiums, i make the choice to do them, god or bad, but at least i tried (most of the stadiums in lego or 3d puzle are expensive).

Fig. 2 - "Luz" stadium were Benfica Lissabon plays in the past, was my first paper model.  For me, a fine result since i never build paper models before.  

About 30 years ago the newspaper "A Bola" made editions of 3 stadiums from FCP, SLB and SCP, with a very good price. Only in the last year i build the first one, since paper was not my school. For me the result was interesting, so i continue.

Fig.3 - Top view of the construction. Miss the cabines in the left top.
The "Estádio da Luz" (Light Stadium in inglish) in the model does not exist anymore. Was demolish to give place to the new one, much larger and with better conditions in time of the 2004 European championatship.

Fig. 4 - Structure and walkways put on. Miss the stadium wall.  
Doing the model was not easy since the paper is not, how we say in Portugal, "my beach".  Also the instructions were not very clear so the photographs were a good adiction to the missing directives, and there are a lot in the net.

Fig.5 - Part of the tribune is done, but in the rear is missed the elevators.
The fact that this was a unique stadium was a fine statement to the final result. Since the light towers and the absense of coverture were a good way to identify the "Estadio da Luz" i give special atention tho this item.

Fig. 6 - This is a construction from newspapper " A Bola" and " Telecel", now Vodafone. 
An aerial view of the recint almost completed with trees and publicity put on the base. The adictition of other support material like sphincter balls and cartoon panels give's a better and more realistic persepction tho the exterior area. 

Fig.7 - A image with some trees and publicity put on the stadium.

Not a single piece of glue see in this model. That's the spirit, and all the publicity helped covering the pieces were was used in excess. I don't like paper glue so i used the best one for my that is the UHU stick that we find in any local supermarket.

Fig.8 - Around the Stadium, with the iluminations towers put and the electronic painels.

Was he can se the name of the stadium is one the base.  The fine quality of the model was a nice suprise since all the pieces came together without no problems, so the plans to do more ones was put on my mind.

Fig.9 - Another view of the public ramps.

Most of the trees were reforced with cartoon since they were to fragile to be in the right position (or erected, was i, but for the other ones was no need. Also the lights and presidential tribune was easy to complete. 

Fig.10 - View from the tribune with some publicite

A fine experiênce in the end, without paints and oils, with just the old glue. True that i put much more publicite that i expected but was we can see, there's no principiant mistakes in the maquette, and is the first one in paper.

Fig.11 -  Was not easy to make the protection wall around the stadium and public acess. 
Cheap and true model in any good stadium colection. But was time for a new one, with a more rustic experiênce. I went to the net and print a model not seen in Portugal: A Baseball stadium in paper, just to do. 

Fig.12-  The famous "third ring".

Fig.13  - A close view of the art woek in the old stadium.

Fig.14 - The publicite placars is well seen in this picture.

Fig.15 - The final assembly  in a general view. 

Fig. - 16 -  Another paper stadium, this time the old one from the Chicago Cubs baseball team.
And there it is. Chicago Cubs baseball stadium made from paper from the company Paper Toys, directly from the Net. It was not a easy build since there was differences between the original field and the one from the download, but was made.

Fig.17 - The exterior of the recint.
Also the instructions were not easy so i made some improvements from the kit, with plastic and board. The photos are from the old and first stadium, since i'm working in the new one, a little different and much more big than the other. But if this one was interesting, i hope the other will be a blast.  

Fig.- 18 -  Entrace of the stadium. These detail was not in the original model from Paper Toys.

Fig. - 19 -  In this picture we see the lights and the Result Placard 
Fig.20 - Top view from the baseball stadium.