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sábado, 26 de julho de 2014

Alouette III by MF

There's not many models that i give to another person. This lovely and hard heligun was an of a very few exeption.
Portugal use 142 Aérospatiale Aloutte III in the African War sice 1963 to 1974. The most powerfull was this one none was "Bad Wolf" with a 20 mm gun.
 The 9303 was a gift for his gunner in their 60th birthday. For 2 years he flew several combat and assault missions in this machine, that is still in service of Portuguese Air Force.
  Heller model in 1/72 scale. The interior was scrach from Rocco Models and Verlinden acessories with a Italeri gun belt.
I paint with Revell colours and for the weather efects used Winton and Pebeo oils in a very dificult process that make by back hurt for several days.