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quarta-feira, 19 de novembro de 2014

And the Other Wall's ? 1st Chapter.

Yes, there was a wall in Berlim, and is true that many people were dead becouse of him. Was made by the Russians, but the Germans had lost one war that they started, and the city like Germany was divided becouse of that. True, the wall was made for all the east germans don't run to west were the live conditions and the regime was better.

The Berlin Wall in the 80's

Of course the wall was only a mark of the Iron Curtin.we are talking one city not the hundread of miles from Russian border to the Black Sea. Yes, it last from 1961 to 1989, had much fame that some presidents, singers or religious man. True, a cult object and a mistic propaganda site, from both sides.
Conrad-Schumann, a RDA trop, run for west.

Of course the fall of the Berlin Wall was a big thing. Was the biggining of Germany reunification, was the end of the cold war (for many, not for me), and the colapse of USSR and Warsaw Pact . Yes, when was the 10, 20, 25 years wall fall birthday, there were one big party, with many people and lots of speach.

The Berlin Wall fall in 1989

Oh yes, Putin and Ukraine, Crimeia and sanctions had a lot to do with 25 years celebration. True, the Cold War is again in wold lives (it was a litle warm war, but it never ended). More weapons and the defence budget for 2015 will be high. Of course the politicians were bad, when since the wall were finish, conflits like Georgia, Balcãns, Iraq, Libia, etc, the defense budget were cut of every single year.

True, there are so many walls in the world that most of the people don´t care, doesn't now that exist. Yes, we will talk about them becouse it is terrible that we only talk about Berlin Wall and forget all the other wall's in the world, the people that live behind those concrete wall, and of course all the man, women and children that ware without see wich other

The Nicosia Wall. Made in 1974 after Turkish invasion, is still on, with UN forces in the midle. Some sides of the wall were ended and replace by gates, but not all of them. Cypruis is in Europe, is a country of European Union and Grece and Turkey are in NATO. The wall this year will "celebrate" is 40 anivesarie.

The Israel-Gaza wall. one of the most new wall's was made in 2005 from Erez (Israel) to Rafa (Gaza). The violence betwen jews and palestinians since the Hamas win the elections in 2006 was only one of many reasons to the extendent wall. Another war that all the members don´t want to ended. All the civilians are the main victims.  

Belfast, Northern Ireland, Europe. They call "Peace Line", but in fact is a Wall like the others that we are talking. If there was not this wall radical Protestants and radical Catholics , probably kill each other's t'ill  death.