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terça-feira, 14 de novembro de 2017

Military Parades: Portugal

Portugal, one of the most old nations in the world with more than 874 years of history (if we begin with Zamora document between Portugal and Castela, today Spain), have a rich military history with VII centuries in the Navy and a much older Army (was created in the XII century). We had so many wars, most of them with Spain, but also in Asia, Africa and South America.  In the last century, we fight in WWI and Africa Colonies, after that we went to Kosovo, Afghanistan and back to Africa again. And of course there's the domestic missions like SAR and Patrol our Economic Naval Area (or EEZ - Economic Exclusiv Zone). 
But he have a problem with history. Much of the material end in scrapp, or abroad, with one significant part in the top of a air base, waiting recovery. Even in film and video there's not much things recorded, but in military paredes, this is what i have find in youtube:

Dia de Portugal 2017

Dia de Portugal 2016

Dia de Portugal 2015

Dia de Portugal 2013

Dia de Portugal 2012

Dia de Portugal 2010

Desfile Militar 2009

Dia do Exército 2008

O 10 de Junho, 2007, Setúbal

Desfile Militar, Porto 1994

Dia 10 de Junho, 1971 

O 10 de Junho de 1970

Dia 10 de Junho de 1967 

Em Macau, anos 60

No Porto, 1949

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