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domingo, 14 de junho de 2015

A Winter 1/35 Diorama

Diorama Tamyia & Italeri " A Pause in Combat"  with 1/35 scale

After the research and placement of the figures at the base, comes the final composition of the diorama before the start of the work. Then, the wall placement Italeri bricks and cobbles of Heki, and after that i place the first layer of "snow" with baking soda and flour. The painting of this diorama and figures is all the enamel from Humbroll, Heller and Revell, and next i put the mg34 and mg42 of Italeri in place (painted with black and with dry brush with a chrome revell paint). 

The next step was Tamiya stove placement, painted with the Revell gun metal and finishing using dry pastel Faber Castle, fixed with hairspray. Boxes of ammunition, mine, and grenades from Italeri painted Revell's with gun metal and Siena oils (burnt siena and and burnt umber). Helmet was painted with with white from Revell, and Italeri Panzerfaust with darkgreen no.65 also from Revell and "peeled" with gunmetal the same brand. After that comes the painting of the 3 figures ( Revell paint, brown-green, leaf dark and matte black).  

Face paint with white, black and flesh colour from Revell. Material like the canteens were painted with Winton oils. After the green uniforms and camouflaged (aplication of "washings" with two shades of green, first darker, then lighter and last the protrusions), come the gloves with a lighter shade of gunmetal. Then a first wash with Pebeo oils (burnt sienna) diluted in white spirit. Dry pastel with light and dark brown to the dirty uniform (the white uniform was with Neopastel of the same colour for the light contrast).

Back to the face, dry pastel from Grumbatcher, rose for the lips. The beard was added with dry pastel from "Fabercastle" mixed with water (just a trickle), and freezer burn wounds with rose colour. After that grenades, binoculars and guns added (the last have leather strips to withdrawn or put on). Conclusion with dry pastel in guns and cartridge belts. And the late Russian Front diorama is done.    

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