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domingo, 26 de abril de 2015

Revolution (not) for all

Yes, in 25 April 1974, Portugal had a revolution. The reasons, well for the normal persons was the dictator Marcelo Caetano, the political police PIDE/DGS, the lack of freedom, etc, but the truth was that the military, specially the officers in that time don't want to go to war (Caetano was made new rules for them, so the majority had to go to jungle with the soldiers, when before 1970 was not like that). And 41 years latter how is the country? Well, with a debit at 130% of the PIB, almost 14% without job and rich people and politicians rise from aboove, is not good. Some freedom but far away from paradise. And this article is about what really change in Portugal and what was a fiasco.

At time 1ºst Minister, Dr. Cavaco refused a Pension to Salgueiro Maia, one of April Captains

The 25 April was not a revolution without blood. Four people died when in DGS headquarters when the politic police open fire. But the caos was after the revolution. Angola, Mozambique and Timor soon after were in civil war. In the summer of 1974 more than 9000 portuguese from Angola, 5000 from Mozambique and many more will go after them came to European Portugal. At least 504 will die after the revolution, but in Timor and civil population in the other Ultramarin Territory are not in statistics. There are lots of numbers in fail about the time after revolution and investiagate that period is still a major problem  ( In Guine there as not civil war but some thousand were murdered by who was in power at that time. 

The four dead at DGS/PIDE incident 

In the country another caos. The PREC, nacionalization of industry and agriculture, the political and ideologic movements, the social problems after the independence of african territory (even S. Tomé e Principe and Cabo Verde, land that Portugal discover without anybody, were now independent), and the week economy, make the country a hard place to live. First free election were in 1975, but only in XI Governament at 1987-1991, (a complete legislature, at last) come to end. Even with Portugal in European Community and lots of money enter in the nation, the politicians do nothing, and without supervision the agriculture, industry and fishing don't use the funds to modernization.    

East Timor invasion by Indonésia, after a civil war broke up in the Portuguese territory 

When in the middle of the 90's the money from European Union started to came less, politicians ask for loan to banks from all the world (And portuguese to). In the first years of the XXI century the south Europa and Portugal was in debit 65% of the PIB, and with 2008 crisis, European Central Bank give the order to inject money in local economy, and by 2010, with corruption, bad economic options, European Union fails and the need of the Northen Europe to capitalize their banks, give Troika to Ireland, Greece and Portugal. Troika is no long in the nation but debit is in the 120% (130% for some sources). 

EXPO 98. Today we know that was a finance fiasco for Portugal
So, when people say 41 after revolution that today is much better, let's see some numbers: In 2010, 2,7 Millions of Poor in a population of 10 Million, population without a job 14,4 % in 2014 (13% in 2015), the family budget for a year is about 4800 Euros for food, 4500 in expenses with water and electricity, and only 500 euros for education, taxes rise to 37% in 2015, prices go up in for example in fuel, and imigration was like in the 1970's with the same numbers. But for example the revolution for the politicians since April 1974, to these days ( and millionares (more 600) was (and still is) a total blast (

Number of poor people in Portugal by 2010

For the population, April of 1974 was a litle more freedom, best live conditions and no political police. But in 2015, and 41 years after even freedom is not the same that it was after the revolution and in the 80's. Today a boss that dont like what read in your facebook abaout were you work you can lose the job, or if you criticize some politicians on your twiter you can go to court if he go to the police. Is that freedom? What nation is this than you have to count any single euro to had your bills pay? That you pay for all and for example the health cares are a crap? Now you may vote, but in who? The most of portuguese politicians only care with themselves, not the people.

Individuals without work in Europa. Portugal was in 2014, 14,4%

So, many diferences from Salazar and Caetano season? Only a few, and the country is far from be a paradise.  People don't like when we say that PIDE/DGS was terrible for 10% of the population that was in politic movements, that today the country is only a litle much better that in that times, or that the politicians destroy most of April valuables ( More than 400 tons of Gold were sold from Portugal Bank, most of the multi nationals are today in private hands, there´s a group of people that live from social benifis for decays, and tendences are to increase ( And that is the real Portugal in 2015, and it is a petty that many individuals, were ideology, crap experience and bad information about the past, do a incorrect interpretation about what was Portugal in "Estado Novo" and what is now.   

Familiar Budget in Portugal. More than 4500 euros a year in food an only 500 euros ineducation

Taxes evolution in Portugal from 1995 to 2015. More 8% in a decade

Social Budget Evolution since 1996 in Portugal

Portuguese Emigration since 1855 to 2011

Minimal salary evolution since 1974. Today is less 78 euros.

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