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terça-feira, 23 de junho de 2015

North Koreia Military Parades

The best way of see military (old or new) equipment in North Koreia is in Military Parade.

And there's lot of thems in the nation. Celebrations of the regime at least one time in per year to make the masses happy.

At 3.13 minutes of video, american helicopters OH-6. How interesting. What is the official response to the sucessfull? The "others" of course.

In the 2013 Parade, 1h 52 minutes of military equipment, and 45 minutes of a civilian section plus 10 minutes of  finale.

The 2011 parade is only one hour. Not much military equipment (9 September at 28, 41 minutes, after the speech).


North Koreia 2010. Troops at 27,20 minutes.

In 2003. Troops only.

Much older. In 1992 . Resume

Complete. In 25 April 1992. "The 60 aniversary of Korean People's Army 

For me, Military Maneuvers like this ones in 2012  are much more interesting and is 20 minutes of simulated war. 

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