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terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2015

Brazilian Defense: All the truth in a personal perpective (part 1)

Personaly, i don't care what the others think about my defense and geoestrategic ideas. It is a personal opinion and it is based in good sources, not propaganda or policity brochures, and in a knowledge of more then 25 years of investigation.  I investigate what i read and people told me, and ask the reason of things, but of course i'm not the owner of truth, as maybe i'm better than most of individuals ins this topic (not all, it is a fact), who don't no how to investigade, who believe in all that read (in books or Armed Forces Manuals) and in write or video propaganda. Not a problem if others don't do, but when 2 ou 3 questionable persons think that fiction , propaganda and policy, is the truth, making who criticize what is wrong and make racional suggestions how it should, be an alien, that is the thing i need to make some action. Besides, i hate rude people, from Brazil or any other country. 

The 5 fighters of Fx Program. Only Gripen NG, Super Hornet and Rafale were in the finals

The Fx1 Program (, was made in 2000 to substitute the Mirage III, that were to go out of action in 2005. For me it was a wrong programe because FAB (Força Aerea Basileira ou Brazilian Air Force), had the F5BR who was re-build by company Embraer. So, why not buy more F5E and make them a F5BR? The F5BR was enough for the Latin-American reality and one of the reasons is that is a armament vector for missiles like Derby, and that operates with R99 and P99 AEW jets. Probably that was the reason why the Brazilian Governement cancel the FX1 and talk about other ways to resolve the Mirage III problem.  
Mirage III FAB

But the Brazil instead of the F5BR soluction, and after all the money spent in FX 1, buy to France the Mirage 2000c to replace the Mirage III, and launch the Fx 2. And why i have to agree with that? The first F5BR (then F5EM) was send to FAB in 2005, at least to fly after 2020 ( In 2009 Brazil had buy more 12 F5E from Jordan for be Re-Build by Embraer (, and when the 46 original units were finish in 2013 with more of the Jordan Fighters means that in FAB will have in total 58 F5EM, more then enought for the needs of the country and in replace of the 12 Mirage 2000 grounded in the last days of 2013 because they don't make de upgrade of 4 million Euros to made them fly several years. ( .

Mirage 2000c FAB

Instead Brazil lauch the Fx 2 in 2006, what makes no sense (with the upgrade F5m fly at least 2020, and the Mirage 2000c with upgraded fighters past a decade 2013, the logic was that program was to be a reality in 2010 The country take 7 years to choose  the JAS 39 Gripen NG (13th December 2013), with the first plane to be delivery to FAB in 2019. Some Gripen C/D will be leasing in 2016 for replace the Mirage.

The only Gripen NG that fly. The Biplace

The program was a mess. In all the years the press 90% from Brazil write pages and pages about the fighters, and the preferences of Brasilia, FAB and President Lula/Dilma. Rafale was announced in 2009 but some hours latter was disbanded like a mistake ( In July 2013 Reuters said that Brazil will choose Super Hornet, becouse there was a autorization of American Congress to 36 fighters and equipment ( But in the end of the year the choose was to Gripen NG with half of the planes build in Brazil (or under Brazilian supervisision) and an option of the country to export for other nations.

All the fighters in FX 2 were good. The Gripen choice was fair enough, besides critics, of the range, single engine, equipment and price (the most lower of the 3 finalists). FAB have KC planes and AEW jets, and Gripen is a fighter to operade from little airfields, so that was unfair to Embraer, Saab, Fab, and brazilian government. But others were more truth an serial. For me the problems of choosen the Gripen NG was development, exportation and the naval version. All the others were single to solve, but not this ones. And for some brazilian who think that this option had no mistakes, there is a advice:  Wake up and investigade some stuff. Or the party don't authorised?

Gripen NG Mok-Up in LAAD 2015
 First there's no Gripen NG. The only plane is a modified Gripen D by Saab, that made the first fligh in 2008 and the monoplace version is a mock - up ( So the development is maybe a "shoot in the dark" like Lavy fighter. Is truth that Gripen NG came from Gripen C/D, but is a diferent plane, and if the development is good for industry the money spent is much and Brazil was to pay also to Embraer by KC390, and is late ( Other problem are electronic that will be made by Saab, Embraer and AEL, and the time that they will spend (for exemple Gripen NG will have a WAD in cockpit made by AEL. The only other fighter that have a WAD is F-35). Modifications in the project made by FAB came to a problem when in March 2015 the cost of the Fx2 program escalated 900 millions USD.

WAD ( Wide Area Display) from Brazilian Gripen NG

Another problem with Gripen NG is Exportation. Since PT is in Brazilia, the country try to sold planes do nations like Venezuela with USA block the transfer of american build components. With UAE probably will happen the same since the planes will really go to Iraq to be fly by Iran Pilots against ISIL ( So, when Brazil want to sell Gripen NG to Argentina what Inglish and Americans will do? And is not only the Gripen because Kc390 have material from BAE and RR. And when the Brazil politicians are always talk about Falklans be a Argentina  land, it is a risk for Embraer and Saab that in ther sites don't talk one single word about the possibility of sell Gripen NG to Argentina. 
KC390, partners in develpment and 60 planes that Embraer is expecting to sell

It is very strange when Gripen NG is in development, that Saab and Embraer want a naval Gripen. Where is the money? The Saab was trying that Swiss buy the NG plane so that more money from the governement of the country go to project, but the business was stoped by population in a referendum. Today Embraer is a partner and funds from Brazil are entered, but there is a at least 500 or 600 Millions of Reais (Brazilian money) in debit from Brazilia to the company. Another project is more expenses for all, and Saab or Embraer never produce a naval fighter or any plane to be used in a aircraft carrier (NAE S. Paulo is out of service until 2019, and is today 54 years old) with A4 modernize and Trader (this last one modernize by March Aviation from planes in stock to be an Aerial Tanker).   

The Naval Gripen NG
So, in conclusion Brazil have to many projects for the defense money they entended to spend. For FAB are JAS 39 Gripen NG, Embraer KC390 and also the Brazilian Space Program (, but Embraer have also SISFRON and SGDC (, all with money from company and partners but also with significant funds from brazilian taxpayers.It's to much, and the problems are constant delays, lack of money and some tragic acidents like the "Alcântara Acident" in 2003 ( With other projects like Gripen NG and Naval Gripen it is a risk not only to industry but also to other stuff that are in a advance stage of development (like KC390 with money also from Portugal, Argentina and Chez Republic).

Less money, more problems to operations in FAB and in Brazilian Military Forces. For example Brazilian Air Force (FAB) had a C-130 crashed in Antartic who is in the same place since 27/11/14,( and an 707 in Haiti ( Also the F5 brought from Jordan for modernization are stoped. The Gripen C/D only will go to FAB in 2016 and Gripen NG and KC390 are in an advance stage but they need certifications and it is not real that they are alredy in service (no one can say that the next stage in development will be short and a sucess, only that probably will). Today press from Spain say that Brazil only will rent Pantsir missiles from Russia for olimpic games.

But the reality of the Navy is much much worse that in FAB. The bad planifications of making projects of millions USD  on top of another millionaire construtions like NAE S. PAULO (modernization), Prosub and Prosuper, with budget cuts are making the fleet in March only with five ships in active. If nothing will be done in 2025 the Navy will end. But that is a mater for part 2 of this blog (

Tikuna sub made in 2005. In 2008 Prosub was launch.

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