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domingo, 6 de março de 2016

A Vintage Model: The P51D Mustang

The Mustag Kit is an old one. Is from Revell but this was a re-release from the Matchbox kit of a P51D,  from 1973 with two options: British or American colours.

The fighter was "Made from the Box" and only the cockpit interior and some few external parts were added. Was my first metal paint. And was with a brush. Made 25 years ago was very good, and the assembly was a pice of art, without slots or paint grains. A proud Mustang in that time.

I used also Revell enamel paints. The base was made from plaster with grass from HQ. No aging was made in that time or today. Is a pure model like was made in that time. Love it.

 The decals sheet was perfect. Without Microscale and Microsol they joined to fuselage magnificently. Fine for a vintage old model. Great result. 

Some effects were made like the smoke from the guns or the black of the engine leaks. A little oil escape was done and it was only. In that time was only the things i knew. 

In conclusion a fine kit from 1973. No problems in the process, great final result for a model made in the 90s of the XX century. Still is one of my favorite in the exhibitor.

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