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segunda-feira, 28 de março de 2016

A ship almoust directly for the box...

USS Missoury was the Battleship were peace was signed. About 25 years ago i made the kit from Revell, without modifications. A kit 1/1200 is good for a base in work, and in the last century it seems nice to begin a primitive water illusion in a old board. The result was at least 3 more models: Yamato, Enterprise and Wisconsin. All are still in the box. For some day...

The model was easy to make. More difficult to do was the seccond battery of 127mm guns, that were always broke. I used revell glue and revell tools for the first time. For a few years the kit was made with no paint or decals. In the 90s i make the second level.

 I used the 1944 schematic because was not only beautiful but also one that doesn't had the number at the prow and the name on the aft (time destroyed the decals). Several guns, one catapult and winch were also lost and i rebuild them (all colours were from Revell). Then the base.

I used a basic wooden board. The paint was made direct into the wood. Waves were made with modeling clay and foam with cotton. I like the result and after this experience i made more two ships with the bases: Hms Hood and Bismarck (This time i used card in the top of the wood. better to  paint and work).

In recent years i work in the base and also at the model for only exposition purposes. Hewed the wood, painted the water with revell acrylic and oils from Winton. A piece of cotton with the hull give's the idea of foam caused by the progress of the ship at the ocean. 

The work in USS Missouri was only limited to a oil blue wash from Pebeo in the upper deck. I replace some of the missing guns and i use the masted to make the experience of laying tst cables for other ships. The radar was also scracht with plastic and streched plastic. 

I liked the result. Not a model for an exhibition but a fine ship for my house colection. And another target was to make an ancient Revell construction capable to dust and time conditions resist. After all it is a vintage  assembly and it deserves to be preserved. And with the "baggage" of this USS Missouri when in future i do the USS Wisconsin probably i will scracht to the reactivation in the 80's.

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