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domingo, 25 de maio de 2014

SSBN Typhoon Class

Typhoon Classe SSBN (Akula name in Russia) it is an huge machine with 172 m long and 47 240 tons when submerged. Of course such submarine was to be one of my kits, and when Revell launch the 05073 i buy it for 20 Euros. It was my second submergible and after the "Redountable" it take-me abou 6 moths to do it. 

Revell 1/400 SSBN Typoon Class 05073

One of the problems in that time was the few Typhoon Classe SSBN photos. Lots in black and white so the colours, paiting, and the efects of oldiness, weathe and water as chalenge. For me, the representation more real was one of the old Revell kit 05066 and so i did it. Today it make sense more black and less gray, but is still a fine kit with no problems in the work. Maybe one day a make another diferent.


Straight from the box  an easy built. Only the "wings" give-me some problems but i fix them and make with paper a little box for who looks no to see the empty interior. Then i paint in dark gray and give him the oils with a mix of burn siena raw amber and mate black. It is funny, but in my research i see lots of Typhoon class submarine kits finished in that colours. It is possible that salt water and winter ice make them that way.    

Revell 1/400 SSBN Typoon Class 05066

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