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sábado, 31 de maio de 2014

A Winter SD.KFZ 252

I have some Kits to recover that friends of mine give-me becouse of the scale i work. One of them was a conversion 1/72 ESCI Sd-Kfz.250/9 to a Sd- Kfz. 252 with a Sd.Anh - 32 trail, a part of a big diorama that i want keep for another project. So, i made one single apresentation using the down photo (Russia 1941) but with the half track in the french winter.   

The research give-me the Sd-Kfz.252 used since Poland Campaign so the history match. German had several ammunition carrier but from 1939-1942 was the main vehicle for the 75 mm shield. Armament was only a Mg. 34 but i don't saw any photos of them and the images were few and all in black and white. Some books had the Afrika Corps camuflage but all have on colour (dark gray or sand) making the task simple and easy.     

Kit was invery bad conditions and some parts were lost. I used pieces from other german tanks and also american and british vehicles like the Sherman and Matilda. The base was from an old matchbox kit (a Priest or a M-3 half track) and Roco Minitanks give me several acessories for the chassis and to Sd.Ah 32.  The problem was the glue in the bad esci tracks wich broke a few times the wheels and make me give up several times from the kit recovery. 
The option of presenting the model with lots of snow brings me the sollution to hide  some mistakes and i think it works very well. 

Again i went to the kitchen and bring several ingredients to make the snow. White glue, liquid paper fluid and dry pastel make the rest. Then hair spray to give resistance to the base. A stick from an ice cream and a print in old make me finish the apresentation base.
The model was old with oil: Raw Umber, Carvon Black and Burn Siena for the tracks. Two or four hours after i used white dry pastel an the ingredients in the wheels, most in bad parts to hide several problems of the recovery.
Final touch was with a brush n.º1 and  lots of white dry pastel in all the model. Done and in expositon box not to touch anymore.   

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