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sábado, 4 de janeiro de 2014

OV-1 Mohawk

The Ov-1 Mohawk is a armed military observation and attack aircraft, design for battlefield surveillance and light strike capabilities. It is of twin turboprop configuration and carry two crue members in side by side injection seats. The aeroplane was intendend to use from short unimproved runways in support of US ARMY maneuver forces. 
Most of people now the Mohawk for the observations missions with the SLAR System for surveilence of the battlefield, but the first versions of the airplane were used in Vietnam in close support for the US ARMY forces. Orders for the Ov-1 stoped in 1964 becouse of the armed versions and folow the proibition of the ARMY use fixed wings aircraft, but in the final they keep the Mohwak and without the US AIR FORCE now they operate in several missions with rockets and pod guns. 

The OV-1D with surveilence sensors was used untill 1992 in Europe and 1996 in Korea. Argentina Army still uses the plane in observation and ligh strike missions.

In 2011 AT in a partner joint venture with BG an MTT for a OV-1D modern version of the aircraft for COIN use. Only a demonstrator was made.

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