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quarta-feira, 15 de janeiro de 2014

Aircraft Carrier Gerald Ford with problems? I don't undestand why.

This report that Boston Globe quote is really a big mess! The confusion betwen the importance of the Electro Magnetic catapult, AAG, and all the rest to the possible fail of a US $12 billions ship it's pretty ridiculous. First, we are talking about a Carrier that have 60% of componets from the 40 years old Nimitz class, so how the hell this can give problems? 

Second, there is a problem with weapons elevators? Really? It is only an elevator for guns, bombs, rockets and missiles. If there is a inteligent system to carry the weapons from the ammunition storehouse to the elevator without humans, that is what is giving problems, and it's all different from a single elevator (today the automate luggege bags system in airports like Dubai are quite similar, but ok).
Third, the radar system of Gerad Ford CVN-78 is similar to DDG-1000. But if in the future gives any problem it´s possible to replace him like the AN/SPS 32 and 33 in Enterprise (by the AN/SPS 48 and 49 or other more advanced). And when a Aircraft Carrier is sorrounded by several AEGIS cruisers that can transmite data link information to a carrier sensors and have 4 AEW E-2 in survaillence, how it´s a catastrophe if the radar is not at 100%?

Four, if the EMALS and AAG fail it´s different and if they don't work propperly in active duty it could be a great problem. But the Navy have 2 years to see the resolution of working problems by General Atomics and the situation in the report is that the two sistems had a low rate of success, specially the AAG with only 20 engaged when the technicians expected 4950 without any fails (the EMAILS success is a litlle better with 240 launchers against 1250 expected).   

It's true that the most part of new american systems give development problems and that both at least work. Today most of the component in a Aircraft Carrier can be replace if they don´t work in conditions but in  USS Gerald Ford, besides the $ cost and the time need in the shipyard, is the real propose of all Ford Class that is in risk. The US Navy expected it this new class to launch and recover much faster the planes that in Nimitz class thanks to EMALS and AGG but if the 12 Billions giant return to older systems the all objective will compromise. And that's the real tragedy that the report only talks in a few paragraphs.

Probably must of the problems with the expensive aircraft carrier will be resolved (like with their main plane, the or the first refit will bring more common systems in a old "Enterprise model", so Gerald Ford the Aircraft Carrier is indeed save. But if EMALS and AGG that are the heart of the new Class don't be fully operacional it is quite possible that one of the significat true of the report will hapening, or in other words that Aircraft Carrier USS John F. Kennedy and USS Enterprise never will see the day light.

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