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terça-feira, 29 de maio de 2018

And the other Wall's? Second Chapter

Most likely, after the Berlin Wall, the most spoken barrier is what we call the "Trump Wall" in between México and the United States of America. I don´t like Trump presidency, but the wall was there since Clinton times, and the actual presidente wish to fortify and extend the one that already exists. Of course Mexico doesn´t want, but himself made one huge wall in border with Guatemala. And all around the world the reality of the fence or wall, is present, from Europe to Africa, passing by Asia and ending in America. So, is not only between USA and Mexico, but a global problem in the planet, that the midia hypocrisy only talks about one or another, acording to the ideology or geopolitics situation, when is a global reality, and maybe beguins in the personal nead of safety that wich one of us have in is personality. 
Reasons are varied: Since security to imigrations problems, passing by the need to counter the population to run away, or also an ancestral state of war, there are thousands of reasons who leaves to the construction of a fence or wall, especially in border areas.  
Is only the seccond chapter about walls and fences, but i think if we want to talk seriously, much more will come.

México /Usa border wall

Mexico /Guatemalla Wall

Hungary /Servian fence

Marocco / Spain border fence

Pakistan /India wall

North Korea /China border fence

Gunatanamo / Cuba fence

North Korea /South Korea DMZ

India /Bangladesh border fence

North /South Sudan Border

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