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sexta-feira, 12 de maio de 2017

Small Scale Figures: 1/72

I work almost in 1/72 (some exceptions for 1/720, 1/600, 1/144, 1/87, 1/89, 1/48 and 1/35/32), so in time i made several dioramas and vignetes with figures at this scale. I brought a lot with the purpose to complement planes, ships and tanks (most of), so theres a lot with 1/72 for other tasks, like a bust or something like that.  Size not maters and yes, there's enough for details, no, not only 1/35 have the right stuff to make hand grenades and a fuzil with good base to work in costume or ice burn. With time and perseverance, 1/72, 1/76, 1/89 and 1/144 are becoming better, with some companies to work in a master detail figures. Most of the models are by me and only one or another are a self made recovered. 

Fig.1 - A Vietnam diorama about "operation crimp" with two G.I. from esci and a Vietcong by Revell. The base is an old  plastic coup.

Old 1/72 figures are difficult to work because of the material, or soft plastic, being an example, Heller, Airfix or Esci. The only way is to make with a cirurgion knife the elimination of the mold maks. Never used a lime and the result will be good or just fine. Most of the woks i made are with this type of figures, and with a master result.

Fig.2 - Vinhete with a scene from II Batle of Corregidor, between american airborne and japonese infantary. The base is from a plastic bottle stopper.

Most of the boxes came with 3 or 4 figures, what is good for modifications, wonded people or to make some experiênce cutting and twisting. I used for example hands from an Airfix soldier for an Hasegawa mecanic that i put working in motor of a german Kubelwagen. And again with a powerfull result in a simple scene.

Fig.3- 7,7 mm Vickers machine gun from WWII from Esci. Again the base is a stopper.

Little scales are easy to make and get a simple base. For example, some companies like Revell or the old Matchbox have 1/72 and 1/76 series with trops, tanks and his own bases. A stopper, a cover of a tin or a simple wood base, makes a good efect and is enought for some vehicles and man. 

Fig. 4 - This model was not mine, but was recovered by me. It is an 75mm gun from german and was scrachtbuild, with Esci, Heller and Hasegawa material. Base is a cover of a candlebox.  

Also little scales are fine for first experiênce with scrachtbuilt. For exemple guns are easy to make, especially the german ones, and i made one 75 mm Lg40 without no problems, with pieces from an 88 and others made by me with evergreen. Other one i just recovered, was an 75 mm Ig18 that other modelist made. With two figures by heller and some acessories by Hasegawa, Rocco and Airfix, the little diorama was fine.

Fig. 5 - The Katen from Hasegawa with an 75mm Lg40 in scracht. With a figure from Revell, paiting with enamael from humbrol and also Revell. 

Scenario is very important and i still make them in snow with diferent material like bicarbonate and using a base from wood or plastic. Making earth or an air base display have the same initial work, using white glue or modeling clay, and then the right choise to make the rest. For example, in a air base display, Evergreen in cubes is the best option. The rest is painting, a litle grass from HQ and accessories from Roco, Hasegawa and Airfix.

Fig.6 - A display air base in a war scenário. There´s a portuguese Fiat G91-R/4 from Airfix, 3 figures from Hasegawa, bombs from Revell and all in a gypsum base.

Collection models are also a good base for display in home. De Agostini had one great airplane series, with the G91-R4, beside others. I made a display for family using a plastic base from Mc Donalds, with some grass and again Evergreen.  Two figures from Esci and some boxes with Hasegawa brand and is done. Again i use enamel because i have many and modeling his expensive.

Fig.7 - This is "De Agostini" Fiat G91-R/4. Was give to family in a fly display base, who i don't like. Made this one with some stuff from different marks and with a base from a batman by Mc Donalds.

In Paris there was a great store call EOL, with all staff to modeling, wich includes display all made bases from ceramic material. I brought one and with an Heller Tiger I and four Revell figures made a cool display. In exhibitions i used a Stug IV also from Revell with 1/76 Matchbox figures, who is in a bigger diorama. Easy to exchange, and that's why i don't glue the models to the bases.

Fig. 8 - This made display base that i brought from EOL is a blast. With a Tiger I and some figures or a Stug IV and crue, makes a magnific scenario.

Some material like grass or sidewalk are easy to find in 1/87 or 1/89 for railmodels HQ. The first ones are very good for WWII or WWI aerial bases and second ones to a normal street, from the XVIII century to this date. It is only to cut and glue to a base, and basically it is easy to use with one model and figures.

Fig. 9 - Another model not made by me, but that i have recovered. This is a fine example from a Matchbox or Revell kit in 1/72 or 1/76 with a base also provided by the brand. Only needs some glue and paint.
Hard figures like the ones from Revell, Hasegawa or Fujimi are great for modifications. For example i used in a big diorama one mecanic modified from an aviator maintenance, for complement on the Academy kubelwagen. The hands were from Airfix and glue to the body in just some hours with the Revell thick glue.

Fig.10 - With a cover from a watch box i made one display base. Was not easy to glue the modeling mass to the base, but after insistance looks fine. The  Churchil Tank and crue is from Hasegawa and the troops from Esci. Dry pastel, some oil and enamel paints made the ground efect.
In conclusion, the 1/72 scale have so many figures, airplanes, tanks and also some ships and submarines that is great to work, to change between models and complement a simple fighter for example with a jeep. True that 1/35 or 1/48 are also great scales, but when we want to mix a scenario with figures, vehicles and aircrafts, the right scale is 1/72, 1/76 and 1/87 or 89, last ones to give depth view. And the level of detail is were your imagination and eyes let you go. No problem if it is much or only a few, because the important is you to have fun. Cheers mate.

Fig.11 - Grass and sidewalk are easy to buy in HQ scales. I made this easy diorama with 1/87 and 1/89 material from Roco, HQ and Prieser. The figures are from Revell, Esci and Fujimi. The Stug IV and Kubel are Revell and Academy.

Fig.12 - Another recovered diorama by me from a scenario made by another modeler. The DAK half track is from Hasegawa and figures from Airfix and Heller. Roco and academy material are always present in boxes and jerrycans.

Fig.13 - An air base from USAAF in China, all with grass from HQ, Rocco and Academy materiali n a wood base. Figures and Kit are all from Heller (total about 10 euros).

Fig.14 . In a "what if" scenario were's a base with Natter and Fi103 all operational. Kit and figures from Heller, in perfect match with Roco, Hasegawa and Academy material. Launch ramp is in scracth in a diorama with about 20 years of age.

Fig.15 - A display area with grass glue to a gypsum base. The figure is from Heller and the rocket plane a DFS 194 from PM.  

Fig.16 - Only grass and we have a british aerial base in 1944. All Heller with HQ grass in a wood base.

Fig.17 - Work in progress from a DAK scenario with a Panzer III and Matilda II, from Heller and Airfix. Figures are Revell, Heller and Airfix. Made scenario with earth mix in a perfect match with different material.I  painted  with enamel, oils and dry pastel.

Fig.18 - Scracth by 90%. The finish aeroslad and base is all made, with some stuff from Airfix, Heller and Frog. Base in wood with diferent materials sprinkled with dry pastel. Another work in progress.

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