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segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2017

A difficult Stikemaster

I love small atack planes like the ones made from the training ones. The A37, Impala or Jet Provost are only some examples, but one of the favourites is the Strikemaster. Much of them see are British, Saudi Arabia or New Zeland, so i made the one from Kuwait in a stike and monoplace configuration . Still like him very much, and so the more then 4 years in work were just "peanuts". 

Strikemaster is one of the light atack version of the Jet Provost trainig, used in war from Central America to Asia. I like very much of the type used in Saudi Arábia, Omã and the one of Kuwait, that i made with this vintage Matchbox kit.

The old Matchbox kit was in very bad conditions, with several parts lost, like left rockts and right gear (but was give by a friend so...). Also the plastic was like glass with several parts broke down in the construction process, like wings, nose and rudder. But i'm a fan of this mark so i had to make it. And i did.

First, i used revell stick glue to repair the broken pieces and one or another crack in the plastic. Then lots of putty and a fine sandpaper to smooth the area. Sometimes the process was made two or more times, but the worst part was when other streak appeared. More then six moths only is this Hercules work.

Then back to interiors, that in this models are only a few. Ever green and plastic cubs help to improve pieces light the seats and panel. I used the original pilot and made some modifications with small pieces of putty that impoved the original one. In the exterior i made the antenas, lights and superior air intakes in plastic. 

The paint were all in revell enamel colours. Brown, sand and light blue in brush mode, with patience in a very tine passage that was repeted time after time with a brush number one or two. In little areas i used the one type, with all the brush being also from revell, buy in a local shop, near "Preparatoria de Bocage" school in my city.   

Base was made in plasticard in plaster slice, with grass from HQ. I used again all revell enamel paints and pastel from Pentel. Oils were from Pebeo. Mix with white spirit and two or three oil colours give's a realistic old plane. The two Snakeye bombs from Hasegawa was the final touch to this very difficult model.

Result for me was a blast. A fine strikemaster in Kuwait colours and in stike mode armed with guns, rockets, and Snakeye bombs. Is very good in my exhibitor near the A7P from Fap. One of my favourites "home made" that i care a lot.

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