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domingo, 18 de janeiro de 2015

DFS 194

DFS it was one of the first german rocket planes, designd by Alexander Lippisch, in 1938. In 1939 Lippish was transferred to Messerchmitt and project X accept a Walter rocket power engine RI-203, tested in 1940 at Peenemunde with 550km speed. It was that suceed flight the way to more powerfull ME-163 Komet.

First i chose the kit. PM was avaible and i made this one. It is not a good kit but was the only one that i can buy, so i forget the detailed problem and went to work. First the document reserch, dificult one, becouse theres not much information about the plane itself. One or two books and some internet information was what i could find. 

 After the reserch, back to the model. It was an easy and "back from the box" kit with one fine end. The most of the work was with oil and pastel, doing the flight test result in the fuselage, timber wings and metal tail.  The canopy was hand paint becouse was also metal, but the rest was with an airbrush. 

I chose for the first time paint from Modelcolor, and was very good. I mixed water and in the Aztec it was very easy. In the canopy i used Revell yelow, to make him diferent from the rest of the Kit.The wheels were one mixed revell flat black and a litle 30% white.  

After painting i used first oil to make the flying result. Black from Pebeo and Burt Umber from Winton. The wood efect was Burt Siena also from Pebeo. Then i used Koh-i-Noor charcoal blocks, black and brown, after english red from Sechmincke. A litle gray from Faber Castel give the final touch.  

The Heller pilot was a work with Revell paints. After Pebeo oil tho give the final shadow in the uniform and burt siena from also Pebeu to give the final touch on the face. 
Heller figures are not easy to work but they are cheap and easy to find in any modeling store. I prefer Preiser figures but at this time i didn't have it.  

Making the base for the model was also easy. I used plaster and then i paint with acrylique black from Campus. Then grass from Heki  glue with humbrol and was made. I think the set look great to an apresentation in a exibition or competition.   

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