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sexta-feira, 18 de abril de 2014

IPM1 Abrams da 24th Division - "Desert Shield" November of 1990 - Saudi Arabia

Everebody makes M1 and M1A1 Abrams. And a IPM1? Hell, that's a good ideia! 

So, with a M1 from Hasegawa i make one of the first IPM1 Abrams of the US Army 24th infantry division in "Desert Shield" Saudi Arabia. This was the 1ºst heavy division to went to Persian Golf still equipped with older M1 and IPM1.

The IPM1 Abrams is very similar to M1 and the only visible diference is the new rear storage in the tower (the others are the reinforced suspension and a new turret armour). Some of the IPM1 had the retainer ring, the external APU  and other don't.

I made the conversion of the rear tower with Roco Models acessories and the suspension and blindage with plastic card. It is a Tank that never figth in "Desert Storm" becouse when the operations started all the M1 and IPM1 were retired. Only the M1A1 with a 120mm gun see action.

The pain work was from Revell and Tamya. I used Huile oil and Winton dry pastel to make him older and the dust on the whels. Mark's are from hasegawa sheet.

Desert land were make from hearth and stuff like sodio, in the top of modeler paste by Jovi. The paint were with Heller an Humbrol (bether fot this type of soil) and Tamya spray for the final touch. Then more dry pastel and some litle rocks from the garden.

An easy conversion and a fine job. The IPM1 that not went to war is done. Another project were closed and there's other to came. Finaly the photos and go to the net.

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